good night qoatos

Charlotte Eriksson 


"That is Venus, September thought. She was the goddess of affection. It's pleasant that affection goes ahead first thing at night, and goes out rearward toward the beginning of the day. Love keeps the light on throughout the night."

Catherynne M. Valente


"I might want to be the air that possesses you for a minute as it were. I might want to be that unnoticed and that fundamental."

Margaret Atwood 


"Did you catch wind of the rose that developed from a break in the solid? Refuting nature's laws, it figured out how to stroll without having feet. Entertaining, it appears to by keeping it's fantasies; it figured out how to inhale natural air. Long experience the rose that developed from solid when nobody else even gave it a second thought."

Tupac Shakur


"Life is so short, so quick the solitary hours fly, we should be as one, you and I."

Henry Alford


"A few mornings still feel like the prior night…

goodnight quatos


"Multi day will end once more. It is decent to have a companion like you. Making my regular appears to be so extraordinary. Much obliged to you my companion finally. Great Night and Sweet Dreams."



"They say that God sprinkles his gifts upon the earth each day and I think I have gotten one—it's you! Wishing you a decent night and I cherish you."



"Goodbye, goodbye! Separating is such sweet distress, that I will state great night till it be morrow."

William Shakespeare


"The moon will manage you during that time with her splendor, yet she will dependably stay in the murkiness, with the end goal to be seen."

Shannon L. Birch


"On the off chance that I had a solitary blossom for each time I consider you, I could walk everlastingly in my garden."

Claudia Adrienne Grandi


"The quietness isn't so terrible, till I take a gander at my hands and feel pitiful. Since the spaces between my fingers ar…